Monday, June 14, 2010

Remembering Buddy

We've reminisced a lot about Buddy. Retelling all our favorite stories, like how he would slide across the tile in the kitchen at the old house, sometimes crashing into the cabinets or door all in pursuit of his beloved cow-cow, the many nights when I awoke to Bud sleeping on my pillow, tail on my head, how we often took him on hikes only to end up carrying him the rest of the way, the first night we brought him home from the shelter, I slept on the kitchen floor with him because he was crying his now infamous and very undog-like uurr, uurr, uurr, uurr, uurr. The day Shawn set up the webcam to capture how Buddy escapes from the gate in the kitchen but instead he just stood with his paws on the gate staring at the camera the entire day. He also made several escapes from the yard, once the FedEx lady brought him back home, talk about a special delivery. Another time, right after we moved to Poway, a woman about 6 houses away found him but he still had his old tags with our old phone number. It just happened that her dad was a private investigator and used the old number to find our new one. Lucky Dog! Of course, we also remembered the countless times he knocked over the trash cans and spread trash from one end of the kitchen to the other or the times he would get stuck in Logan's room for the night and poop all over the floor, leaving Logan to wake up to the most horrific smells. Then there was the time he stood with his head out the doggy door and his backside still in the house and peed. The chairs he ate, the holes he dug, the reasons why we stopped taking him to dog parks.
To honor Buddy's memory, we decided it would be nice to plant something in the yard. Logan said it had to be a plant with flowers. I asked him why that was important and his response melted my heart. "What does it have before it flowers? BUDS" It still brings tears to my eyes. At the nursery we selected a white rose bush, because Buddy was white.
Logan designed these stepping stones too.
Here is our first BUD And a beautiful white bloom

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Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness that just brought a tear to my eye, but what a sweet way of remembering him! RIP Buddy!

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